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2018-2019 Sales Tax Revenue Budget: Public Safety

The budget information below is for fiscal year 2018-2019 and reflects a shortened collection period that will begin in August 2018. Budgets reflect additional revenue only and do not represent total department spending or existing sales tax revenue.

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Project Description

Mayor's Recommended Budget

Competitive Compensation Adjustments

Increase base salary and make adjustments to the benefits program to aid in the recruitment and retention of new officers; helping to maintain Salt Lake City’s competitiveness among other regional agencies


New Police Officers

Hire and train 27 new police officers in 2019. The 27 new officers are part of the overall goal to recruit 50 new officers which was authorized by the City Council in 2017


Additional Civilian Police Personnel

Hire new civilian personnel related to the increase in police officers including a social worker, case manager, crime lab techs, victim advocate, records clerks, and crime intel analysts


Police Officer Equipment

Fund equipment associated with hiring new police officers




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