Streets Project Selection Process

The City will use the voter approved bond funds to reconstruct the City’s deteriorating streets. Street reconstruction projects will be selected using results from a 2017 engineering study that identified the current condition of all City-owned streets.

The goal will be to address the City’s worst streets first. Based on the recommendation from the City Council, bond funds will be applied in an 80/20 split with 80 percent of funding going to major, high-use streets that require more money to reconstruct and 20 percent going to local, neighborhood streets, which typically require less money to rebuild. Allocating funds this way will ensure that all areas of the City receive funding.

Selection Criteria
Salt Lake City’s Engineering Division will use the following criteria to determine which streets reconstruction projects can be completed within the required time frame that will maximize the use of funds and minimize disruption to residents.

Selection Criteria (in no particular order):

  • Travel demand and safety data
  • Pavement condition
  • Existing or upcoming utility projects
  • Current or planned public transit improvements
  • Resident complaints/requests
  • Benefits identified in City Master Plans


Report a Street Condition Issue
Use the link below to report a pothole or other street condition issue.


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