Streets Project Selection Process

If voters approve the Streets Reconstruction Bond, the City will use results from a recent engineering study to select streets reconstruction projects. The goal will be to address the City’s worst roads first, applying funds in an 80/20 split — with 80 percent of funding going to major, high-use streets and 20 percent going to local neighborhood streets. This split will ensure that all areas of the City receive bond funding.

Selection Criteria
Salt Lake City’s Engineering Division and the Roadway Selection Committee will use the following criteria (in no particular order) to select streets reconstruction projects that will maximize funds and minimize disruption:

  • Highest traffic
  • Greatest need/worst condition
  • Existing or upcoming utility projects
  • Current or planned public transit projects
  • Resident complaints/requests
  • Streets identified in City Master Plans


Report a Street Condition Issue
Use the link below to report a pothole or other street condition issue.


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