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2018-2019 Sales Tax Revenue Budget: Affordable Housing

The budget information below is for fiscal year 2018-2019 and reflects a shortened collection period that will begin in August 2018. Budgets reflect additional revenue only and do not represent total department spending or existing sales tax revenue.

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Project Description

Mayor's Recommended Budget

New House 20 Program

Expand pilot program to place the 20 highest users of emergency services into stable housing


Shared Housing Program

Fund a structured roommate housing program which maximizes existing resources to match those in need of housing with available opportunities


Land Discounts and Financing

Provide gap-financing, loans and other incentives to include affordable units in mixed housing developments; part of the Housing Trust Fund


Incentivized Rent Assistance Program

Fund an assistance program to stabilize low-income renters using best practices and an outcome-based approach, to help prevent homelessness


Service Model Program for Most Vulnerable Populations

Support and enhance pilot housing programs for individuals with mental illness and children experiencing homelessness


Community Land Trust

Expand the number of homes placed in Community Land Trust, a pilot program which permanently secures land to make single-family homes more affordable


Down Payment Assistance

Increase funding and marketing for home ownership programs


Fee Waiver Program for Affordable Housing Developers

Waive City fees related to development in exchange for the inclusion of affordable housing in mixed-income developments


Federal Funds Accounting and Grant Administration and Reallocation

Fund additional administrative costs for Housing & Neighborhood Development (HAND) staff to create and manage City funded programs


Additional Planner

Hire one new planning position to manage the impacts related to overall infrastructure upgrades


Census Coordinator

Hire a census coordinator to prepare for 2020 Census and help gain an accurate count. Census data determines federal affordable housing and community development funding to the City




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