Improved Street Conditions
Improved Street Conditions
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Better Transit Service
Better Transit Service
Better Transit Service
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Increased Neighborhood Safety & Security
Increased Neighborhood Safety & Security
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ProjectsProject DescriptionAdopted
Census CoordinatorHire a census coordinator to prepare for 2020 Census and help gain an accurate count. Census data determines federal affordable housing and community development funding to the City.$80,000

Shared Housing Opportunities$100,000
Community Development Grant Coordination1 full-time position

Land Discounts & FinancingHousing Trust Fund$2,590,000
New House 20Expand pilot program to place the 20 highest users of emergency services into stable housing$250,000
Incentivized Rent Assistance ProgramFund an assistance program to stabilize low-income renters using best practices and an outcome-based approach, to help prevent homelessness$400,000
Service Model Program for Most Vulnerable PopulationsSupport and enhance pilot housing programs for individuals with mental illness and children experiencing homelessness$200,000

Community Land Trust

Expand the number of homes placed in Community Land Trust, a pilot program which permanently secures land to make single-family homes more affordable$500,000
Down Payment AssistanceIncrease funding and marketing for home ownership programs$300,000

Additional Planner

Hire one new planning position$107,332

Landlord Insurance Pilot$350,000
Build a More Equitable City$300,000
Community Development Grant Administrator$99,408


Housing Opportunities Dashboard

New revenue in the City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development budget will help establish long-range funding mechanisms to increase the supply of affordable housing. The City’s new Growing SLC plan identified strategies to provide low-interest loans to affordable housing developers, support down payment assistance strategies and provide case managers for those looking for affordable housing solutions.

Housing Opportunities Update

The Salt Lake City Housing & Neighborhood Development Division (HAND) is beginning to implement multiple Housing Opportunities programs.

  • The House 20 program is continuing with the new source of funding.
  • HAND is working with existing partners to solicit proposals to implement the outcome based program, the Incentivized Rent Assistance Program. By working with partners that already help refugees, homeless youth and Section 8 voucher holders, the new funding will supplement other funding sources to better support these target populations.
  • Existing housing is being targeted for the Community Land Trust, one property closed the final week of January, another purchase is in process, and HAND is actively looking for a buyer for the third.
  • The Housing Trust Fund (land discounts and funding) has recommended $1.3 million loan to Lincoln Towers and an additional property is in the pipeline.
  • The Planning Commission recommended changes to the City Council to the zoning ordinance to allow development of Single-Room Occupancy housing. This recommendation is awaiting City Council review and potential approval. This will allow HAND to implement the Shared Housing Program.
  • HAND is hiring a Community Development Grant Administrator to help administer federally funded and Funding Our Future monies for housing projects.

An additional Planning position was filled in January to address increases in workload and free up capacity to address housing related zoning issues.

Updated February 2019.

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