Latest News

  • Salt Lake City Budget Approved The City Council approved the Salt Lake City budget on June 15, 2021! The new fiscal year starts July 1st and concentrates on essential services such as road repair, public safety, housing, providing support for the community to recover from the COVID-19 virus pandemic of the last 16 months, and citywide equity issues. Learn more here.
  • Bond Street Reconstruction Projects Many streets are starting to be reconstructed in 2021 (thanks to the 2018 voter-approved bond) including 300 West, 900 South, 100 South, 900 East, and more. You can also always learn more about Salt Lake City street projects here.
  • Sales Tax-Funded Street Maintenance Projects There are several surface treatment projects that started or will be started soon. Learn more and take the survey about the draft street designs here!
  • Salt Lake City Racial Equity in Policing The Salt Lake City Racial Equity in Policing (REP) Commission released their first set of recommendations, which can be found here. Learn more at the REP hub here.
  • Funding Our Future Projects Map Check out the Funding Our Future projects map. Note: This map is formatted for desktop use only. View the mobile version of the map here.
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