2019- 2020 Sales Tax Revenue Budget: Public Safety

The 2019-2020 budget can be found below.

ProjectsProject DescriptionAdopted
Police Salary AdjustmentsSalary adjustments for step increases and higher ranked officers$542,000

New Police Officers
23 new full time positions. 9- month funding$3,225,659

Additional Police PersonnelAdditional Hires to support police functions$858,136

Police Officer Equipment

New equipment & cost increase over previous years$609,720

Police SalarySalary needs for additional/ongoing police$2,927,496
Enhanced Body Camera InitiativeReplace cameras for all offices on a three-year cycle. Includes data storage, maintenance, and next generation cameras$512,578
Police Hybrid Sedan InitiativeApproximately 106 new hybrid sedans customized for law enforcement use each year, ongoing $4,050,000



Neighborhood Safety Dashboard

New revenue in the existing police department budget will help address resident concerns about the safety of their neighborhoods. Funding will be used to train and hire new police officers and support staff to serve 23 neighborhood beats. These new neighborhood beats will provide the community policing model that residents requested.

Neighborhood Safety Update

When Salt Lake City Council adopted the FY 2019-2020 budget in June, they included intent language that “the definition of “public safety” include the Police Department, Fire Department, and 911 Dispatch for allocation of Funding Our Future revenue.”

The Salt Lake City Police Department has hired all 27 new officers and ordered all necessary equipment for them. The officers are currently either in training, field training, or on the street. The majority of the civilian positions have been filled with the others in process.

Chief Mike Brown updated Salt Lake City Council at its February 19, 2019 Work Session on the Neighborhood Safety critical need: https://youtu.be/xC1A58cHXmQ?t=8601

Updated November 2019

Safety Year 1 Report

Safety Update October 2019

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