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September 2020 Funding Our Future Update

September 25, 2020 — We hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe—what with the ongoing COVID pandemic and the natural disasters that have impacted Salt Lake City this year, including the March earthquake and the wind storm that happened earlier this month. For details about park closures, garbage/recycling pickup and more related to the wind storm, visit the City’s FAQ here.

Many critical aspects of the City’s response to these challenges are funded by Funding Our Future sales tax revenue. Read on to learn how. 


Salt Lake City has focused planning on key areas that address the challenges COVID will create for our City’s residents this winter, housing stability being one of them. You can watch Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall discuss the entire COVID Winter Plan here. Meanwhile, Salt Lake City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) Division continues to have a  COVID-related housing resource guide for the community.

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, and other partners continue to work together to promote rent and mortgage relief for residents—including families with mixed-immigration status. Between City, County and State funding allocations, more than $9 million in rental assistance remains available to individuals and families who experienced a documented loss of income or financial hardship related to COVID and whose gross income is at or below 100% area median income. The CDC eviction moratorium is also in effect from September 4th through December 31st 2020. Learn more here.


Funding Our Future sales tax revenue is supporting the Salt Lake City Fire Department (SLCFD). Thank you to the SLCFD responders that helped community members after the wind storm! Plus, SLCFD firefighters helped battle the Oregon fires as well as the ones here at home in Salt Lake City.

The majority of Funding Our Future revenue for the safety critical need area supports the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD). In August, Mayor Mendenhall signed an Executive Order directing Chief Mike Brown to make 7 reforms to the SLCPD’s policies by this month. Learn more details about the reforms here . Mayor Mendenhall has also made the following change: all police body-worn camera recordings of officer-involved critical incidents, up to the moment when officers begin rendering medical aid will be made public on SLCPD’s website 10 business days following the incident. Read Mayor Mendenhall’s statement about the September 4th incident here. Finally, the Commission on Racial Equity in Policing  is meeting every Wednesday at 5 pm. You can learn more and view their past meetings here.


Last month, UTA restored 90 percent of service, targeting improvements for those who need the service the most. The Frequent Transit Network, aka FTN, bus routes (along 200 South, 900 South, and 2100 South) have all been restored to, or improved beyond, pre-COVID levels! Route 200, State Street North, as well as Route 217, Redwood Road, also have the same FTN service and frequency.

UTA also continues to ensure safety on the system with actions like requiring masks and daily vehicle and station cleaning and disinfecting. UTA is even providing complimentary face masks to riders who need them. Face masks are available on most buses and trains, or for pick up at Customer Service locations. Riders can also call 1-801-RIDE-UTA and a mask will be mailed directly.


While Salt Lake City Streets crews have worked on and completed many streets maintenance projects this summer, lately all of the crews have switched to focusing on cleaning up debris from the windstorm. They are working 10 hour shifts and weekends—thanks to these Street crews for everything they do for our City!

Meanwhile, engagement for Funding Our Future bond reconstruction projects is moving ahead, like with the 900 South reconstruction starting in 2021. Take the survey and sign up for email updates about the 900 South reconstruction project today!

You can always learn more about the status of street projects, and ways to submit feedback, by visiting

Complete the Census by September 30th!

Complete the 2020 Census NOW before the September 30th deadline, it’s safe and easy! You can respond online at, by phone 1-844-330-2020, or by mail.

This month, Salt Lake City moved to the ‘yellow’ COVID risk phase. “I want to be clear that this shift is not a signal to relax on the important measures we take each day to stop the spread of COVID. Shifting to yellow is not a return to normal. Masks are still required and are critical. We are still asking you to maintain 6 feet of distance from others. We must maintain concerted efforts to sanitize and wash our hands. And high-risk individuals still must take additional steps to keep themselves safe,” Mayor Mendenhall stated. To learn more about what being in the yellow phase means, please visit for information and additional resources.

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