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August 2021 Funding Our Future Update


August 19, 2021 — August is Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month. Mayor Mendenhall also recently signed a proclamation declaring this month Pacific Islander Heritage Month in Salt Lake City. You can learn more here.

Despite recent rain storms, we continue to experience extreme drought. So it’s still critical to do your part to conserve water! Learn more about what actions you can take here.

Meanwhile, the final step in Salt Lake City’s annual budget process (a Truth in Taxation Hearing, which is a public hearing required by the State) happened on August 17th. The City used both a Judgement Levy and Property Tax Stabilization this year, which are both events that trigger a Truth in Taxation hearing. Read on for the latest Funding Our Future updates.


Funding Our Future-funded housing assistance programs are possible through collaborations with nonprofits and community partner organizations.

A new recent partnership with local organizations has formed to help address SLC’s housing crisis. The American Institute of Architects Utah Chapter, the Community Development Corporation of Utah, in collaboration with Salt Lake City, are inviting architects, emerging professionals, residential designers, design students, and others to have a direct impact in providing solutions to Salt Lake City’s affordable housing shortage. Learn more about this competition here.

Additionally, there are still housing assistance resources available for renters and people with mortgages. More information is available at


As part of Salt Lake City’s commitment to equity, recent budget changes are focused on improving our PD (Police Department) standard and models of service. Learn more about how the City is funding the Department here.


Utah Transit Authority (UTA) makes changes to their service a few times a year, and calls these Change Days. August Change Day is when they usually make more significant moves, like adjusting routes and schedules and adding service. This past August Change Day (on August 8th), UTA made changes to their On Demand services, Flex routes, and extended rail service hours. For instance, TRAX will be adding back 15-minute frequency to evening service.

And don’t miss your chance to try out UTA’s late-night on-demand service in Salt Lake City! This service is available Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 10 PM – 4 AM and will be ending Saturday, September 4th. Downtown has opened back up with events, performances, shopping and more, and UTA is partnering with the Downtown Alliance for their  Downtown SLC Open Streets event (as well as Salt Lake City) to promote the new service and transit for the easiest way to get to/from the events in the area.


We are continuing to post a regular social media & video update about all the bond-funded street reconstruction projects happening this season. Just follow @SLCmoves on Facebook and Twitter. You can also watch the latest video on YouTube here!

Separately, Salt Lake City has completed multiple surface treatment projects this summer such as Highland Drive and Sunnyside Avenue. While we had proposed restriping 1000 West to one lane in each direction, we have decided to keep the striping as is for now and engage with the community to develop a more robust plan for 1000 West. Learn more about this 1000 West “mini-corridor study” here.

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