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August 2022 Funding Our Future Updates

September is around the corner, which means it’s time to send our children back to school and our pen-pals “bouquets of newly sharpened pencils” (at least according to Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail). Salt Lake City spent the month of August preparing to make this school year safer and easier for both students and parents. From transit passes to the new Safe Passage Initiative, read on for August’s housing, transit, streets and safety update

Housing Update

Salt Lake City is one step closer to the opening of the Other Side Village!  This month, Salt Lake City leaders toured a prototype of the tiny home that will eventually populate the planned tiny home community on Indiana Avenue.

The tiny home village, officially called the Other Side Village, will serve chronically-homeless community members. In addition to housing, other services and amenities will be provided on-site.

For more information on the building, funding and planning of the community, head to the Other Side Academy’s website.

Safety Update

In an effort to make back-to-school butterflies the biggest obstacle children face as they head to school, the Salt Lake City Police Department is partnering with three SLC schools on a new Safe Passage Initiative.

Police officers will increase their presence along routes used to get to Backman Elementary, Jackson Elementary and Horizonte Instruction and Training Center. They will be on foot, bikes and in marked PD vehicles.

Watch the short press conference for more details.

Transit Update

On August 11th, students and community leaders gathered at East High School to announce the official rollout of transit passes for all K-12 Salt Lake School District students.

Passes will be provided to students, teachers and staff through their schools and can be used on a variety of services, including buses, TRAX, the S-Line and UTA On-Demand.

Visit UTA’s website for more information.

Streets Update

If you’ve driven through the Ballpark neighborhood recently, you’ve probably noticed road work occurring on Main Street. Surface work is being performed between 700 South and 2100 South to prolong the life of the road.

In addition to basic maintenance, SLC is adding painted bikes lanes to the road to promote greater safety for cyclists in the area. The upgrades to the road will pave the way for transformational future projects, including the potential for protected bike lanes, public art, and wider sidewalks.

Learn more at the Life on State website.

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