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Streets Reconstruction Bond Background

On November 6, 2018, Salt Lake City voters approved the $87 million Funding Our Future Streets Reconstruction Bond. This funding is allowing the City to begin addressing our most deteriorating streets and, when paired with new sales tax revenue for streets maintenance, enables us to prolong the life of our entire street network.

As part of the Funding Our Future initiative, the City continues to provide residents with updates on streets reconstruction projects as they progress:

  • Funding is issued as several smaller bonds totaling no more than $87 million.
    • Salt Lake City sold the first $20 million installment of the bond in October 2019, and sold the second installment of $20.5 million in September 2020.
  • The first streets reconstruction projects funded by the bond completed construction in 2020 (like 500 East) and more have completed construction in 2021 (like 100 South and 900 East).

View 2017’s pavement condition report. 

Summer 2023 Update

(Updated 6/12/2023)

Major Streets Reconstruction

Bond-funded reconstruction projects in 2022 included 200 South, 300 West, and 900 South.

In addition to continued work on the above streets, sections of 1100 East and Highland Drive are being reconstructed in 2023. These are considered major streets.

2023 Local Streets Reconstruction:

  • Richards Street (900 South to 800 South)
  • University Street (600 South to 700 South)
  • 100 South (600 West to 500 West)
  • 1000 East (Atkin Avenue to 2700 South)
  • Lincoln Street (Elm Avenue to 2100 South)
  • Meadow Lane (Green Street to 700 East)
  • Gregson Avenue (900 East to Lincoln Street)
  • Dallin Street (Country Club Drive to Stringham Avenue)
  • 1700 East (1300 South to Sherman Avenue)
  • Benchmark Drive (Lakeline Drive to Terminus)
  • Benchmark Circle (Benchmark Drive to Cul-de-sac End)
  • Kristianna Circle (Virginia Street to E Cul-de-Sac End)

View the current map of bond streets reconstruction projects.

View Engineering’s 6-Year Plan to learn more about how streets are prioritized and which streets are candidates for upcoming reconstruction. (The list of reconstruction candidates begins on Page 22.)

Read more about other SLC Transportation projects. 



Major Streets Reconstruction Projects

Major streets are high-capacity urban streets that deliver traffic at the highest level of service possible. Projects also include consideration of complete street elements like pedestrian or bicycle paths.

Local Streets Reconstruction Projects

The local streets are small streets that carry less traffic and have fewer lanes than major streets. Engineering plans to rotate funding for local streets through all seven districts.


Report a Street Condition Issue

Use the link below to report a pothole or other street condition issue.



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