Greater Housing Opportunities
Greater Housing Opportunities
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Better Transit Service
Better Transit Service
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Increased  Neighborhood Safety & Security
Increased Neighborhood Safety & Security
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Sales Tax Funding Scenarios

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Project Description

Mayor's Recommended Budget

Additional Planners

Hire two new planning positions to manage the impacts related to new housing developments and overall infrastructure upgrades


Construction and Surface Treatment Crew

Set up a new road maintenance crew (equipment and personnel). The new crew will allow the City to double the number of roads being resurfaced and improved each from 75 to 155 lane miles


Parks Capital Replacement

Repair roadway and sidewalk infrastructure in parks


Capital Improvement Program Projects Transfer

The City is required to allocate 7% of the budget to the Capital Improvement Program. The Mayor is recommending the allocation of an additional $2 million for road, sidewalk and pavement projects




The above figures represent a shortened collection period for fiscal year 2019. Budgets reflect additional revenue only and do not represent total department spending.

Further discussions about street reconstruction projects will be discussed during the General Obligation bond engagement process. See the timeline to learn more.

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