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New bond revenue funding is allowing the City to begin reconstructing its most deteriorating streets and, when paired with new sales tax revenue for streets maintenance, is enabling the City to prolong the life of its entire street network. View the current map of bond streets reconstruction projects.

New sales tax revenue assigned to the street maintenance budget is being used to double the number of lane miles maintained each year (prep work such as crack sealing and level patching, resurfacing roads, etc.)—extending the life of the City’s best streets.

These improvements benefit the entire community by improving air quality, reducing street reconstruction needs, and contributing to individual cost savings by decreasing fuel consumption and the frequency of tire repair and car maintenance.

Funding Our Future funding goes towards Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects as well.

Street Maintenance Update

Despite continued challenges in 2021, the Streets Division was still able to complete surface treatments on 153 lane miles (their annual goal is 155 miles).

2020-2021 Sales Tax Revenue Budget: Street Maintenance

The budget information below is for fiscal year 2020-2021.

ProjectsProject DescriptionAdopted
19 Streets Crew EmployeesContinue to fund employees to staff second streets crew.$2,353,031
Fleet Centralized Fleet MaintenanceFund fleet maintenance. $138,500

Street Maintenance Background

Asphalt Maintenance crews perform repairs and surface treatments on 1,672 lane miles of City-owned asphalt roadways. In the 2019 construction season, surface treatments improved the streets used by approximately 7,200 households, 1,200 businesses, and an estimated 30,000 cars daily. The Streets Division was fully equipped for a full summer schedule of streets maintenance and reconstruction projects. With increased funding allocated from Funding Our Future sales tax revenue, the Streets Division hired and assembled a new crew of asphalt professionals dedicated to improving Salt Lake City’s roads.

Learn more about the 2017 condition of Salt Lake City streets here, and check out the time lapse video below to see street maintenance in action!

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