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Street Conditions Dashboard

Funding Our Future sales tax revenue assigned to the street maintenance budget is being used to double the number of lane miles maintained each year (prep work such as crack sealing and level patching, resurfacing roads, etc.)—extending the life of the City’s best streets.

Check out this time-lapse video to see our Streets team in action!

Street Maintenance Update

(Updated 6/13/2023)

Thanks to Funding Our Future tax revenue, the Streets Division was able to complete surface treatments on 153 lane miles during FY 21/22 (their annual goal is 155 miles.)

The following streets were among those resurfaced in 2022:

  • B Street (1st Avenue to 11th Avenue)
  • 3rd Avenue (E Street to Virginia Street)
  • 800 South (West Temple intersection)
  • 2700 South (700 East to Highland Drive)
  • Main Street (700 South to 2100 South)

As of January 2023, the Streets Division had resurfaced 73.09 lane miles towards their FY 22/23 goal of 155 lane miles.

Click here to see a comprehensive map of streets receiving surface treatment. 

Meanwhile, new bond revenue funding is allowing the City to begin reconstructing its most deteriorating streets and, when paired with new sales tax revenue for streets maintenance, is enabling the City to prolong the life of its entire street network.

The map below shows which streets have been reconstructed and which are planned for reconstruction thanks to Funding Our Future bond revenue. See if your street is on the list!



Need a refresher on Funding Our Future bond vs. tax revenue? Click here to learn more.   And click here to find out how streets were chosen for reconstruction.

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